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Changing from an Android phone to an iPhone

Posted by on Jun 15, 2011 in personal | 10 comments

Changing from an Android phone to an iPhone

I’ve had an Android based phone for just over a year, and I’ve loved it. I had no complaints at all until the touchscreen began developing dead spots. Eventually, the dead spots increased until I could not use the phone anymore.

When I went to the Verizon store (yes, we use Verizon), I narrowed my options down to 2: the Android based HTC Incredible 2 or the Apple iPhone. I had done some research, so I knew the pros and cons of each. Plus, they were exactly the same price.

I finally decided to go with the iPhone. Why? What pushed me over the edge and into the promised land, or into the abyss, depending on your perspective?

Well, a few months ago, I bought a Macbook Pro for my web development work, and I love it! I decided to get the iPhone because of the way it is supposed to integrate with the Macbook.

So far, I love the iPhone, but I’m sure I would have loved the Incredible also. (I’m not solidly in any camp. I just want a phone that works well.)

I’m happy with the apps for the iPhone. They seem to be a little more stable and mature than the Android apps. (Although I definitely miss a few Android apps, like Google Navigation!)

I’m also happy with the reception that I get with my iPhone. I have not dropped any calls. (On the other hand, a friend of mine who lives about  a mile from me got an iPhone on AT&T, and he dropped so many calls that he returned the phones.)

I’m very happy with the battery life on the iPhone. I rarely have to recharge the phone during the day, and I do use it often.

Although it’s only been a couple of weeks, I’m happy with my decision. I’m still learning how to use the iPhone, but my daughter is helping me. 🙂


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  1. 6-15-2011

    iPhone cons? Yeah, if having an awesome phone is a con!


  2. 6-15-2011

    Since my Android (the same HTC Eris I believe you have) is about a year old as well and is also developing dead spots that are rendering the phone almost useless, I have to ask. Did they refund any of the cost of the Android or were you just out of luck? I am not keen on buying another phone but I also am not keen on having a “phone” that I cannot check voicemail on because one of the dead spots prevents me from keying in my password.

  3. 6-15-2011


    Well, like I mentioned in the post, I really, really miss the Google Navigator app.


    No. My phone was out of warranty, and of course, I had not paid for the insurance. Luckily, I was only one month away from the time to renew my contract, so I only had to pay a small fee to get the contract price.


  4. 6-15-2011

    Alan, my personal cell is with Verizon, and I get great service. I don’t have a personal smart phone. For work I had to get a Blackberry because it interfaces with an email server on board the aircraft. It is with ATT and it drops calls all of the time.

    Our company has been talking about getting us I-Phones, but I think ATT is the problem not the phones.

  5. 6-15-2011


    I think you’re probably right.


  6. 6-15-2011


    Up until recently, I had the old HTC Hero. It was a good old phone until I started up with Twitter. Soon after it died. maybe it just couldn’t handle all I was trying to do with it. Who knows.

    I seriously considered an iPhone, but went back to android with their new “HTC Desire HD.” It’s an amazing phone and I love it. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t have possibly enjoyed the iPhone too, had I given it a chance, but I have no regrets (so far) with my decision.


  7. 6-15-2011

    I couldn’t afford a high-end phone with a big monthly bill, so I got an LG Android phone with Virgin Mobile’s $25/month plan. It’s an entry-level phone, but it still scratches my itch for apps and UI tweaking.

  8. 6-16-2011


    I’m sure that I would have been happy with an Android phone too. 🙂


    We haven’t been able to get good reception in our area with any service except Verizon.


  9. 6-16-2011

    Enter the holy war, PC vs Mac. Finally the truth comes out, you iPhone heretick!

  10. 6-16-2011


    I’m squarely in both camps. I work on both PCs and Macs.