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Why do Christians believe some of these things?

Posted by on May 22, 2011 in discipleship | 6 comments

Why do Christians believe some of these things?

The recent wrong prediction (again) of the rapture or end of the world (again) caused me to start thinking about how Christians (some anyone) often appear gullible to this kind of thing.

I think the main problem is that many, many Christians latch onto Christian celebrities and believe anything that the say.

But, prophecies concerning the end of the world (in spite of Jesus statement that no one will know) reminds me of other things that many Christians believe. Many of these things are also contrary to what Scripture teaches.

1. Every Christian needs a “spiritual covering” referring to some kind of human authority.

2. Christians must act a certain way (holy?) when we enter the church building (or other “holy” space).

3. The normal Christian cannot read and understand Scriptures, so they need someone to explain it to them.

4. Some Christians have a special calling to be a minister or missionary.

Believe it or not, I’ve even been taught this in the past: A church that does not have “services” on Sunday night is a liberal church and will soon begin to deny the resurrection of Jesus.

Are there other things like this that some Christians believe that cannot be supported by Scripture?


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  1. 5-22-2011


    It makes me sad to say, that my experience has shown me that most Christians are very lazy people, and would rather believe the lies, such as those you listed, and which relieves them of responsibility, instead of making the effort to ascertain for themselves, what is true or otherwise.

  2. 5-22-2011

    Many believe that tithing is a new testament requirement

  3. 5-22-2011

    What I find interesting are those that are legalistic. I know numerous indivduals who are very legalistic, to the point they are in absolute bondage and they don’t see it. As you mentioned in your article, they believe they are being “holy”. Don’t drink, don’t dance because we are to be set apart. Oh please, loosen up a bit.

  4. 5-22-2011

    Thanks for the comments! I’ve been away from the computer, and haven’t been able to reply to each one. But, I really appreciate them.


  5. 7-20-2012

    Here’s one…my wife and I were sitting in a meeting with one of our pastors in our previous church (as ordered by the senior pastor – there is a story, but too long for now). My wife asked him, what if she heard something from the Lord and the pastor instructed her contrary to what the Lord was saying, who should she obey?

    His answer…obey the pastor and you will be covered.

    Great! Now, when we stand before the Lord, we can claim, “Hey, I know I disobeyed You, but it’s OK…my pastor has this one covered!”

    Yeah, that’ll work.

    So, here is what we were being taught; “Obey your leaders…” Hmmm…they might want to look up that word, obey.

  6. 7-23-2012


    That’s a great addition to my list. Thanks!