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Putting yourself in situations where you can meet people

Posted by on May 12, 2011 in blog links, missional | 2 comments

Putting yourself in situations where you can meet people

For the last few years, God has been teaching me about putting myself in situations to meet people. But, not just any people – people who are hurting, who are in need, who are typically not shown love or not accepted.

I’ll admit that I’m still not very good at this. I still love *my* life too much. There are still too many things that I don’t want to give up.

So, it’s always encouraging (and challenging) to read posts like Bobby’s (from “Deconstructing Neverland“) called “Dirty laundry and making disciples.”

Bobby has done exactly what God is teaching me: he put himself in a situation to meet people. What situation? A laundromat. The post is about one person in particular that Bobby met. This person is very different from Bobby, but God is showing him how he can work through Bobby in this man’s life.

Read Bobby’s post. I’m sure that you’ll be encouraged too. If you’re like me, you’ll be praising God for what he’s doing! (While you’re at it, read this follow up post from Bobby called “The motel that lies in the shadow of death.”)


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  1. 5-12-2011


    Thanks for sharing my journey with your readers. Remember last week when we prayed that God would grant us the ability to feel others’ suffering? Well, He is certainly faithful to give us whatever we ask of Him. Be careful what you pray for, it’s not all gumdrops and lollipops out here in the world. People are hurting, really hurting and we have the news of the only One that breaks the bonds and lifts the burdens. I encourage everyone with Christ’s words: as you are going, make disciples!

  2. 5-12-2011


    Thank you! I know it’s not always easy to write stories like this. Some people will even question your motives. I greatly appreciate though.