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Promoting interaction and conversation for the church among bloggers

Posted by on May 6, 2011 in personal | 3 comments

Promoting interaction and conversation for the church among bloggers

Since I began blogging just over 5 years ago, I’ve always enjoyed the interaction and conversation among bloggers. Okay, so, “always” may be the wrong word. Usually… I’ve usually enjoyed the interaction and conversation.

Also, I love to talk about the church. But, then, you know that based on the name of this blog. So, I’ve tried to promote interaction and conversation for the benefit of the church as much as possible.

In the past, I’ve done this by linking to other blog posts that I’ve found encouraging, challenging, informative, etc. Occasionally, I’ve also linked to posts that I disagree with. In each case – whether I agree or disagree with the blogger – I link to the posts for one reason: to encourage conversation, both on my blog and on the other blog.

Also, I take part in synchroblogs for the same reason. I enjoy the challenge of writing about specific topics (that I don’t choose) but also in writing on the topic in a way that relates to the church.

A few years ago, I also tried to promote interaction and conversation using a new type of synchro-type blog that I called “chain blogging.” I was able to put together one chain blog that worked out very well on the topic of “city church.” (By the way, I would be interested in either organizing or taking part in another chain blog if we can find enough people interested in a topic.)

Occasionally, because of the topics that I write about, I’ve received emails from readers. I’ve asked some of the people who wrote the emails if I could post those emails as “guest blog post.” Those posts have generally been some of the most read posts on my blog. Again, I do this because it allows my readers to hear another voice and another perspective.

Lately, I’ve been reading alot about “guest blog posts.” A friend even asked me why I didn’t invite people to write guest posts for me. Actually, I had asked one or two people before – primarily people who did not have blogs. But, I had never really thought of asking other bloggers to write guest posts.

But, I now think it’s a great idea. And, in the last few weeks, I’ve asked several people to write guest blog posts for me. Many of them have agreed, and a few have even already sent me their blog posts. The people come from very different backgrounds and have different views of the church. The first guest blog post is currently scheduled to be published Monday morning.

I hope these guest blog posts provide additional opportunities for interaction and conversation for the sake of building up the church.

If you are interested in writing a guest blog post for me (or if you’d like me to write a guest blog post for you), please email me at aknox[at]sebts[dot]edu.

I’d love to know what you think about this new idea (for me) to promote interaction and conversation about and for the benefit of the church? Pros and cons?


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  1. 5-6-2011

    Can’t wait…

  2. 5-6-2011

    I would be interested in a chain blog too. How is it different than a synchroblog? I will check out your post.

    And thanks for Guest Blogging on my blog today. I really want to start getting into Guest Blogging also. It is a great way to inter-connect our community of bloggers.

  3. 5-6-2011


    I can’t either… should be fun and informational!


    It was my pleasure. Thank you for asking!