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No preaching, but plenty of teaching, encouragement, and discussion

Posted by on May 23, 2011 in church life, edification, gathering | 6 comments

No preaching, but plenty of teaching, encouragement, and discussion

I studied Act 3 last week. Why? Because as a church we’ve decided that we are going to study Acts together. So far, we studied through Acts 2 together, so yesterday we were planning to study Acts 3.

I was not scheduled to teach. In fact, another one of our brothers had said that he wanted to lead our study through Acts 3 yesterday. But, I studied anyway. Why? Because it’s not just “the teacher’s” responsibility to teach. So, I prepared to meet with my brothers and sisters by studying the passage during the week.

So, when we gathered together yesterday, it was clear that the one teaching was not the only person who had studied the passage. It was clear that he and I were not the only ones who had studied the passage.

I learned alot from the brother who had agreed to teach us. But, I also learned alot from several other brothers and sister who added what they had learned from the passage.

In fact, since I was able to hear from different people with different perspectives based on their own study, their experiences, their situation in life, and many other factors, I think I came away with a broader understanding of that passage.

And, I was challenged… man, was I challenged. What an example Luke provided for us in Acts 3!

We finally had to stop talking about the passage after an hour or so. But, of course, the conversation and encouragement continued in smaller groups of 2 and 3 while we ate lunch together.

So, no one preached Sunday. No one brought a monologue lecture. But, there was plenty of focus on Scripture with plenty of teaching, encouragement, and discussion!


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  1. 5-23-2011

    Sounds awesome. The One Teacher and One Leader led everyone present into all truth as He shared through each one as led by the Spirit!

  2. 5-23-2011

    Have you all ever considered having no set text but just sharing as led by the Spirit what Christ had taught those who feel led to share out of the overflow of their daily time spent with the Living Word as well as the written word? What has always amazed me when participating in such meetings was how the things shared all seem to dovetail together as the Spirit leads the discussion around what is put forth.

  3. 5-23-2011


    Yes, it was awesome!

    We have met before without a specific passage or without someone specifically planning to lead us through that passage. For now, it works better for us like this.


  4. 5-23-2011


    Wow! What a privilege and blessing is yours to be part of such a group!

  5. 5-23-2011

    Aussie John,

    Yes, I recognize the people that God has placed around me as both a privilege and a blessing.


  6. 5-24-2011

    Getting away from those institutional ties and going towards Jesus, can’t beat it! Glory be to god!