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Guest Post on Till He Comes Today

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Guest Post on Till He Comes Today

I wrote a guest post today for Jeremy at “Till He Comes.” The post is called “That verse may not mean what you think it means.”

When I asked Jeremy to write a guest post for me (it will be published next Monday, as I said in my earlier post), he also asked me to write for him. He asked me to “focus more on topics related to Bible study, Scriptural insights, and theology.”

My guest post is about hermeneutics, or interpreting the Bible. Primarily, it’s about interpreting Scripture within the context in which it was written. We should be looking primarily at the paragraph level (not the word, phrase, clause, or sentence level) for meaning. (If you’re interested, I’ve also published a more technical piece on this topic. It was part of a series and was called “Biblical Theology and Discourse Analysis Part 4“.

Please take the time to read my guest post on Jeremy’s blog, and interact with Jeremy and me there.