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What has God been doing in your life lately?

Posted by on Apr 25, 2011 in discipleship | 11 comments

What has God been doing in your life lately?

I friend of mine would often ask me that question: “What has God been doing in your life lately?”

I always loved that question, and I hated that question. Obviously, God is a part of my life – hopefully, a very important part. But, what has he been doing? It really forces you to stop and examine your life. It forces you to think about what God is doing, where he’s leading me, and perhaps what I’m doing that he’s not leading me to do.

Plus, by including a word like “lately” or “recently”, the question would always remind me and others that God is constantly at work in our lives. We should not have to look back years, or months, or even weeks to see God at work in our lives and through our lives.

The question would always start a good conversation. Also, if other people were around, they would usually join in the conversation as well. It would always be very encouraging and challenging as different people expressed what God had been doing in their lives (either internally by changing them or externally by using them to serve others).

So, I wanted to give you this opportunity to share with me and my readers. (I hope to be able to jump in and join you as well.)

What has God been doing in your life lately?


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  1. 4-25-2011

    We often want God to fix things right now, but God often doesn’t give an instantaneous, miraculous healing in a person’s life. Instead, He allows suffering, hoping that His body will come together and overcome it by His life. In this, the body of Christ is knit together in love.

  2. 4-25-2011

    Making it painful, empty and hopeless.

  3. 4-25-2011


    I agree that that’s the way God wants us to work together. What happens when the body is not knit together in love?


    My prayers are with you, brother. I wish I could do something else from here.


  4. 4-25-2011

    I answered your question with a post at my blog. My response was a little long for a comment here. 🙂


  5. 4-25-2011


    I praise God that He has allowed our family to come together, some traveling long distances, for a belated celebration of Val’s and my fiftieth wedding anniversary.

    We are unable to travel to them. They made the serious and costly effort to come to us.

    Still smiling!

  6. 4-25-2011

    Chris and Aussie John,

    Thanks for sharing with us!


  7. 4-25-2011

    God has been teaching me to trust him to work, especially when what he is doing doesn’t fit into my timetable or happen the exact way I expect.

  8. 4-26-2011

    My 18 month contract job ended Apr 15th. Been through that many times, and I leaned into Him apprehensively, but knowing He would be with me. It is still a little unsettling.

    Jacob, a young acquaintance of mine who is a recruiter, came out of nowhere to help (a friend of a friend mentioned my situation to him). He spent hours helping me reshape my resume into what amounts to a jargon filled database entry posted onto several job boards so recruiter searches would find it. He spent time explaining what the current job market was like for my field, and coached me on what recruiters are looking for in candidates (vs what hiring managers are looking for). All for free.

    I can’t put in words how much his unexpected attention and care comforted my wife and I through what can be an anxious transition. It reminded me again that God visits us through people (“Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;…” II Cor 7:6).

    First in person interview was last Friday. Started yesterday–yep, already working again–decidedly NOT my usual experience in these things (in Wake Forest–ahem–lunch maybe one day Alan?).

  9. 4-26-2011

    Fred and Art,

    It is great to hear about how God is working! Thank you!


  10. 4-27-2011

    Great comment Art. At Connections We are starting a new series called, “the next Christian.” I ripped off the titled from a book I saw. Basically I am going to lead discussions on discipleship. I will take all the help I can get from you, Alan, and the great minds that visit here.

    Alan, I have read the posts from this year on discipleship. If there is anything else in the archives I would love to know it.


  11. 4-27-2011


    I think I wrote a series or two on discipleship a few years ago. I’ll see if I can find a link and email it to you.