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Here are some more good posts about the old guys, I mean, elders

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Here are some more good posts about the old guys, I mean, elders

I’ve written several posts about elders (pastors, if you prefer) before, but I also like to link to other posts that people write on the subject.

In the last few days, a couple of people have written about the importance of church recognizing/appointing multiple elders/pastors. (By the way, if one person is the “head elder” or “senior pastor” such that all others “answer” to him, then I would not consider that “multiple elders/pastors.”)

Here are the two posts:

Sola or Plura Pastora 3 (by T)” at “Jesus Creed

Too Much for Any One Man” at “A Pilgrim’s Progress

I think it is very important for churches to consider this. Often, too much focus is placed on leadership in the church, especially when that leadership has a single leader.

We do not need anyone to be “in charge” other than Jesus Christ. However, we do need several mature believers who can guide us by example and who can show us what it means to live in a manner worthy of Jesus Christ in both their words AND their actions. Of course, that also means that those people must share their lives with us, not just their lectures or sermons.

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    Just as well you corrected yourself! “old guys”! Indeed!:)