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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. The article is called “Who’s afraid of the big, bad Simple Church?

Lately, I’ve generally heard two things in the media about simple church: 1) More and more people are associating with simple or organic church. 2) More and more traditional church leaders are speaking out against them.

This article is an attempt to briefly define, describe, compare, and contrast simple church. Here is an excerpt:

The growth of simple church, organic church, and house church has been well documented over the last few years especially. In the Raleigh area and in the state of North Carolina, the number of people who associate with simple or organic church has increased as well. In fact, at one simple church networking site, the group composed of North Carolinians is the largest group by almost 50%, with people from the Raleigh area making up the bulk of that group.

But, what is simple/organic/house church, and should the more traditional, more institutional churches fear them as they are often told by their leaders, pastors, and preachers?

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