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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. This article is part of my “Sunday 101” series and is called “Sunday 101: When we pass the plate.”

This article examiners the common practice among modern churches of “passing the plate” or collecting money for the purpose of promoting and doing things that serves those who give. This is not how the church in the New Testament used their money.

Here is the beginning of my article:

Many churches in the Raleigh area and around the United States are struggling financially during this economic downturn. Many leaders have decided to double their efforts to encourage people to give to their church organizations. But, was this the purpose of giving and sharing money in the New Testament? Not exactly.

Please use the link above to jump over to and read the rest of this short article.

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  1. 4-10-2011

    very bold! and true! thanks again 🙂