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Even more on disagreement and disunity

Posted by on Apr 25, 2011 in blog links, unity | 2 comments

Even more on disagreement and disunity

Brant at “Mornings with Brant” continues the ongoing discussion of disagreement and disunity in his post “What if We All Disagree on Stuff?

Responding to my post “When Disagreement Lead to Disunity,” Brant writes:

Question:  Where does it leave us, if people who belong to God disagree on something?  What if it’s a BIG thing, not a little thing?  What about Rob Bell?  What about baptism?  What about mega-church or simple-church?  What about tithing?  What about liberal vs. conservative?  What about Calvinist vs. Whatever…?

What if we genuinely, deep-down, just plain can’t agree?  Where does THAT leave us?

Read Brant’s post for his answer. It’s a great answer!


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  1. 4-25-2011


    Brant asks, “Where does THAT leave us?”

    If we are genuinely followers of Christ, it still leaves us as members of His Family,brethren, with His command to love one another. As Paul said,”Love never fails”.

  2. 4-25-2011


    That’s what Brant said, too. 🙂