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Comment Highlights for Week of April 24, 2011

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Comment Highlights for Week of April 24, 2011

As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I want to highlight some of the comments that have been left on my blog posts during the past week. Hopefully, this will give more visibility to some of the reasons that I love blogging – dialog and interaction.

Aussie John asked a good question in a comment on my post “Replay: He washed their stinkin’ feet“:

Those who claim to be called to function as elders/pastors, who never wash feet by sitting in the dust with those who are there, getting dirt under their well manicured fingernails, feeling the sweat running down their brows, as they bend their backs alongside those who are strangers to the love of Christ.

If they never sit where these people sit, and wear their shoes, people without hope, how can they claim to be servants of the living Christ?

Art left a comment with this great testimony to God’s faithfulness on my post “What has God been doing in your life lately?” (And, yes, this comment led to lunch between Art and myself.):

My 18 month contract job ended Apr 15th. Been through that many times, and I leaned into Him apprehensively, but knowing He would be with me. It is still a little unsettling.

Jacob, a young acquaintance of mine who is a recruiter, came out of nowhere to help (a friend of a friend mentioned my situation to him). He spent hours helping me reshape my resume into what amounts to a jargon filled database entry posted onto several job boards so recruiter searches would find it. He spent time explaining what the current job market was like for my field, and coached me on what recruiters are looking for in candidates (vs what hiring managers are looking for). All for free.

I can’t put in words how much his unexpected attention and care comforted my wife and I through what can be an anxious transition. It reminded me again that God visits us through people (“Nevertheless God, that comforteth those that are cast down, comforted us by the coming of Titus;…” II Cor 7:6).

First in person interview was last Friday. Started yesterday–yep, already working again–decidedly NOT my usual experience in these things (in Wake Forest–ahem–lunch maybe one day Alan?).

Dan left a comment with a good addition to my post “Definition: Ecclesiology“:

You left out one source that we cannot avoid drawing our beliefs from: our culture and worldview. That is probably knit-picky to point out but I think it plays a HUGE role in this specific subject, and what makes it’s influence SO powerful is that it is almost entirely ignored and overlooked.

Finally, Doug left this great comment on my post “Can you ‘pastor’ someone if they can’t get in touch with you?

Alan, you added “I just have one more point to add to Mike’s critique: If someone cannot get in touch with you, then you are not pastoring that person. If someone cannot spend one-on-one time with you, then you are not pastoring that person. It seems fairly simple to me.”

I am in full agreement. We have a saying around Connections using the acronym AIR.
Jesus is Approachable, Impartial, and Relational. If I as pastor cannot project these qualities I cannot expect others to do so. Everyone at Connections has my cell number. I do, of course have to manage my time and proprieties by situation but I am approachable and am easily contacted.