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Would you drop everything?

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in blog links, love, missional, service | 4 comments

Would you drop everything?

What would you do if someone you barely knew called you from jail? What if a police officer called you to say that “so-and-so” asked them to call you so that you would come pick her up? What if you had to drive several hours to pick her up at the jail?

Would you do it? Would you drop everything?

Even if you knew this girl struggled with drugs? Even if you knew she had made some bad decisions in her life and was headed in the wrong direction?

Well, this has never happened to me. But, it happened to Frankie (from “The Gathering Lakeside“). He tells us about this in his post “Today.”

Here’s an excerpt:

Officer blah blah, “pastor frankie can you help, if not i have to arrest her for prowling and loitering?

“uh, i guess” i answered looking at my wife in the car with me..who said whatever and smiled

I told officer blah blah i would guarantee i would personaly come get miss no where to go..

Read the rest of Frankie’s article. This was an awesome opportunity that God gave him, if he and his wife were willing to give up their own plans and agenda (die to themselves?) and give themselves completely to this young girl. They took God up on his offer and had an opportunity to serve this girl.

What would you do? What would I do? Would we be willing to drop everything in order to serve like this?


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  1. 3-14-2011

    wow.. thanks for the heads up..

    That woman was a wreck. She was crying and broken.
    her resume read: stripper,prostitute, homeless, children taken away, IV drug user, alcoholic, scam artist…. insert more here..

    That police woman was a christian and cared. The woman is now in a safe house awaiting a new Florida ID and for her Hep C to level off so she can be admitted to a woman’s ranch (christian/faith based)

    At first she was in denial about her situation as most addicts/battered and abused woman are. I see God slowly breaking that “privy pot” and walking her gently over to the mercy seat. I see the 1st beatitude coming alive, blessed are the poor in spirit.

    She is broken. She stated i will do what ever you ask me to do because I cant do it anymore..

    That is the way I try to serve. This statement put her in a place of confession and surrender. I pray that she is patient and waits till I can get her that bed in the facility..

    Thanks so much.

  2. 3-14-2011


    Thanks for a great article and for being a great example!


  3. 3-14-2011


    This story gives me much joy, but brings tears to my eyes as I remember a prostitute my wife and I found weeping on the steps of the church building. We took her in. My wife washed her clothes and gave her fresh clothes while hers dried. Whilst this was happening the young woman bathed.

    She shared in our evening meal and spent the night.

    A few days later,I was asked to attend a meeting of deacons where I was, literally, verbally assaulted for bringing shame on the church.

  4. 3-14-2011

    Aussie John,

    Wow. Just wow. God have mercy.