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Worship is How We Live

Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in worship | 4 comments

Worship is How We Live

James at “Idle musings of a bookseller” has once again posted a great quote for us in his post “Worship–again.”

(By the way, if you are not subscribed to James’ blog, you should. He is constantly reading through new books and posting awesome quotes as he finds them.)

Anyway, in this post, James posts the following quote from Scot McKnight (concerning Miroslav Volf):

But “belief” is not “worship,” and so Volf carefully spells out the meaning of “worship”: and here he departs from the populist mode of thinking, which sees worship as raising hands in a “worship” service and expands the word to its biblical proportions: it is how we live. What we worship and how we worship tell us who our God is. I totally agree with him here: our worship reveals our God.

So, if “worship is how we live” – and I believe that it is – then what does this mean for the traditional “worship service” or whatever you want to call it? Why do we get together?

Of course, “corporate worship” in this sense would be “how we live together.”


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