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Twitter hits on my blog are increasing

Posted by on Mar 23, 2011 in personal | 6 comments

Twitter hits on my blog are increasing

So, I’ve been on twitter for awhile now (@alan_knox). When I first started using twitter, I would “tweet” fairly regularly as well as post on Facebook. I found that I usually got more interaction on Facebook, so I stopped “tweeting.”

Similarly, the traffic coming to my blog from twitter has been very low, while Facebook refers a tremendous amount of traffic to my blog. I mean, I would get a few hits per week from Twitter, but that’s nothing compared to the number of hits I would get from Facebook.

I still use a plugin ( to automatically update both twitter and Facebook when I publish a post on my blog. But, besides those automatic updates, I’ve rarely updated twitter recently.

But, in the last few weeks, things have been changing. Slowly, the number and percentage of hits that I’m getting from twitter has been increasing. Four weeks ago, 3% of total referrals to my blog came from twitter. Three weeks ago, twitter again referred 3% of total referrals to my blog. Two weeks ago, that number increased to 8%. Last week, the number increased again to 12% (primarily because alot of people retweeted my post “Children as Part of the Church Gathering“). So far this week, 18% of referral traffic to my blog is coming from twitter.

While this is still behind the 36% of traffic that is coming from Facebook, the traffic from twitter is definitely increasing.

I don’t know what’s causing this. I haven’t changed the way that I’m using twitter. Has anyone else noticed an increase in traffic from twitter?


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  1. 3-23-2011

    I think it’s because of that awesome plugin you’re using.

  2. 3-23-2011

    You must be doing something right. I’m sitting at 4% on Twitter, and only 1.7% on Facebook. So both of my stats are pretty dismal.

  3. 3-23-2011

    Follow up – 36% from Facebook!!! Wow. How do you do that? Any tips?

  4. 3-23-2011


    I agree that it’s an awesome plugin, until the developer starts tweaking it.


    I don’t do anything except publish my posts to both facebook and twitter automatically using


  5. 3-24-2011

    You know what the deal is? I’m using an app on Facebook to post my entire post on Facebook. People read and comment on the post there. Your Leenkme plugin only posts an excerpt on Facebook, so to read the post, people have to come to your blog. I like that! It must do something similar for Twitter. I’ll check that next.

  6. 3-24-2011


    I have the plugin setup to publish only my post’s title and url to twitter.



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