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They’re doing WHAT on Sunday?

Posted by on Mar 3, 2011 in blog links, community, gathering, service | 5 comments

They’re doing WHAT on Sunday?

This has to be one of the most encouraging and exciting posts that I’ve read in a long time!

Chris at “The Amplified Life” (I still love that blog name) wrote the post called “Coming Soon: ‘5th Sunday’.”

The post is about some churches (including Chris’ church) who have decided to do something different on Sundays four times per year:

After an encouraging meeting with other church leaders last night we are going to attempt to do something about this. We want our love of God to be made known for all in how we love upon those in our local community. To help others realize that this a part of His church’s “DNA” (cf. Matthew 28:19-20) we are going to begin going outside of our walls together. We are going to serve our community as a local body on the months that have a 5th Sunday. Those days our worship service will actually be service–ministering to the needs of others outside of our own four walls.

What a great idea! Chris said that he got the idea from a friend who lives near Philadelphia.

You might say, “Well, sure, but that’s only four times per year.” Yes, but it’s more than 95+% of churches are doing.

Have you ever heard of churches doing this or something similar? Have you ever been part of something like this?


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  1. 3-3-2011

    Thanks for mentioning this. I would love to hear how others are doing similar things in their communities. For us it is a first step, and hopefully not the last step.

  2. 3-3-2011

    But how will they collect the offering?

  3. 3-3-2011

    My church did this for quite some time…until our pastor left…

  4. 3-3-2011

    One of the churches I consulted with is cancelling their Sunday service to volunteer at the annual bike, run, and walk marathon in town. This is only one Sunday a year, but they are looking for other opportunities as well.

  5. 3-3-2011


    Thanks for telling us about this. Hopefully others will hear your idea and plans and run with it.


    hmmm… That’s a good question. I’m sure it’s a question that some leaders would actually ask.


    Did you write any posts about this? If so, send us some links. If not, how did it work out, and why did you stop?


    Great! I know you wrote something about that earlier this year, but I didn’t know anyone had decided to do it.