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I’m so proud of these teenagers!

Posted by on Mar 30, 2011 in church life, service | 1 comment

I’m so proud of these teenagers!

A group of teenagers, including my children and some very close friends, have been meeting together to eat and study Scripture for the last few months. A young college student has been helping them study the Bible, and he often provides the meal as well or he arranges with one of the parents to provide dinner.

But, last night, they did not get together to study the Bible. Instead, they got together to help each other live out what they had been studying.

A few days ago, they learned (from someone else) that an elderly couple needed help with yard work and with some things around the house. So, these teenagers (along with some friends they had invited) went to the elderly couple’s home and raked leaves, mowed the grass, moved furniture, and did a few other odds-and-ends for them.

I am so proud of them! It is one thing to meet and eat together. But, there is something special about teenagers willing to give up their evening to serve someone who can never return the favor.

What great examples to the rest of us!

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  1. 3-30-2011

    Wow! That is great.