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House of Worship

Posted by on Mar 31, 2011 in blog links | 4 comments

House of Worship

Yesterday, I received an email from someone (a company actually) encouraging me and other church leaders to think about starting church building programs. Apparently, according to this email, the middle of an economic downturn when so many people are hurting and in need, is the perfect time for churches and other ministries to spend tons of money to build bigger buildings.

Just as I was beginning to get discouraged that this type of stuff was being sent out in the name of Christ, I read something encouraging…

Jon at “Jon’s Journey” wrote a post called “New House of Worship.” He begins his post like this:

We have purchased a new house. Since I believe worship should be my life 24/7 (Romans 12:1-2), I plan to worship God in this new house. I want this to be a house of worship.

Yes! By the way, make sure the read the rest of the post. It’s a great tongue-in-cheek look at how Jon can let his neighbors know that the church is in the neighborhood.


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  1. 3-31-2011

    There is no better time than an economic downturn to guilt people who are having trouble making their mortgage payment to give more money to build bigger churches!

    Of course maybe we could sell these buildings, move into less expensive digs and give the proceeds to those in the church who have a need?

  2. 3-31-2011


    I don’t think this company would be interested in churches selling their buildings, unless they were also planning to build more buildings. 🙂


  3. 4-3-2011

    Thanks Alan for linking to this post. I’m glad you picked up on my attempt at humor. I saw a spike in visitor traffic… and it wasn’t even my birthday. 🙂

  4. 4-3-2011


    Thank you for a great article!