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House Church Articles

Posted by on Mar 14, 2011 in blog links | 2 comments

House Church Articles

My friend Eric from “A Pilgrim’s Progress” has been writing articles about house church for the last several weeks. He has now published a list of all of his articles in a post called “House Church – Summary.”

The articles are all very well written, and both the articles and the comments are well worth reading and pondering.

As you probably know, “I’m not a house church proponent.” (Jeremy, you already knew this.) However, this doesn’t mean that I am anti-“house church.” In fact, I think it is beneficial for the church to meet in homes. (Then, why am I not a house church proponent? If you don’t know, and are interested, then read that article.)

Many of the points in Eric’s articles can be part of an organic, simple church that does not necessarily meet in a home. But, I think all churches (whether more organic or more institutional) should investigate and struggle with the concepts and ideas that Eric writes about.

Great job, Eric! Keep up the good writing (whenever your new job allows)!


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  1. 3-14-2011

    Thanks for the plug and the kind words.

    I should probably also say that the aspects of house church life that I have written about in no way guarantee any sort of positive church experience. Attitudes of love, selflessness, thoughtfulness, etc. are far more important than any structure we may take part in. A loving institutional church body is far more pleasing to God than a critical, self-serving house fellowship.

    Regardless of the form of church we take part in, we must all strive first for Christlikeness in all we do.

  2. 3-14-2011


    You’re right. There are no “utopias”… yet.

    I’m looking forward to your next series. 🙂