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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. This article is part of my “Sunday 101” series and is called “Sunday 101: What about pastors?

In Scripture, it is clear that leaders are important for the life and development of the church – not necessary, but important. But, what we typically see today in churches concerning leadership is a far cry from what we read in Scripture.

Here is the start of my article:

Churches in Raleigh (and around the Western world, actually) are often known according to their senior pastor. In fact, some people describe a church as “Pastor So-and-So’s” church. But, in Scripture, we do not find that same kind of association. In fact, in Scripture, we do not find the idea of a single pastor, much less a senior pastor, being in charge of a church.

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  1. 3-20-2011

    Good article. Even in a gathering where the people minister to and learn from each other, there is still the danger of seeing one person as “the pastor.” This can cause problems, especially when the “pastor” is put on a bit of a pedestal and doesn’t live up to the expectations.