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Distracted by location or setting

Posted by on Mar 4, 2011 in blog links, gathering | 2 comments

Distracted by location or setting

Arthur at “The Voice of One Crying Out in Suburbia” is “Speaking of Church on Tuesday.”

He and his family gathered together with some other believers (from several different churches) on a Tuesday evening. And, they gathered together in a barn behind someone’s house.

While his description of their meeting is very interesting, I was most encouraged by his final paragraph:

For many Christians. the location and setting of this meeting would have been disconcerting. It was at someone’s home, it was in the evening and it wasn’t really “churchy”. Even though we devoted ourselves to the same things the earliest church did (fellowship, breaking bread, prayers, teaching, i.e. Acts 2:42), it would seem strange, perhaps even uncomfortable. It is a grave concern of mine that so many of us are conditioned to a rigid view of not just how the church can meet but how the church must meet. We miss so many opportunities to be encouraged and edified by trying to box in the church.

This is a very good – and very true – observation.When we feel that the church is only the church when they are meeting at certain times or certain locations, then I think we misunderstand what it means to be the church.

What do you think?


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  1. 3-4-2011


    Once during vacation in San Diego I was doing my normal morning jog on the beach, wearing my swim trunks, on a Sunday. There was a tent just yards from the ocean holding a church service. There was obvious seating, a few dozen people at most, but passersby were dropping in as well. I coulda gotten away with wearing a Speedo to church without anybody noticing at all, except that I would never wear a Speedo.

  2. 3-4-2011


    My wife won’t let me wear a Speedo… anywhere or anytime.