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Comment Hightlights for Week of March 6, 2011

Posted by on Mar 12, 2011 in comment highlights | 2 comments

Comment Hightlights for Week of March 6, 2011

As I mentioned in the first post in this series, I want to highlight some of the comments that have been left on my blog posts during the past week. Hopefully, this will give more visibility to some of the reasons that I love blogging – dialog and interaction.

There were several good comments to my post “Why Obey the Commands of Scripture?” I’ll simply highlight this comment by Hutch, but if you haven’t read all the comments, then I would highly recommend it.

We obey Christ’s commands out of love for Him and as Paul says in Romans we have been empowered to do so since His love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who He has given to us allowing us to love God and neighbor thereby taking care of the other commands this is done by dying to self and walking in the Spirit, this produces the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives making us more Christlike.

But in a word=love

Norma from “my church journey” also left a very good comment on my post “Where’s my super suit?” I think many believers can relate to being “paralyzed” like Norma.

Sometimes I feel almost paralyzed. This post has been a clear answer to me to keep on being the me God made me, doing whatever little things come along to help and love on others, and let Father do with my apparently meager efforts whatever He chooses. Whew!

“Aussie” John from “caesura” left a good comment to my post “Everything of significance you will learn from experience“:

This part of the quote is profound, to say the least, “Life is a place for biblical truth to be fleshed out, regardless of our educational status or attainments. It’s lengthy, costly, messy — and just plain hard work.”

So hard, sometimes, that the pain seems to be in the process of destroying us.

Randi from “Seeds in My Heart” left a good comment on my post “Stop the Disunity.” Here is part of her comment:

Focusing on our heart’s devotion is the solution to get away from the disunity caused by our need for others to think like we think, do how we do… when our heart is changed and fixated on our Treasure, His love will be full in us that we’ll be able to give that same freedom that unconditional love brings – to others… no matter how they think or look different than us.


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    Do you ever have comment lowlights?

  2. 3-12-2011


    Unfortunately, yes. But they’re usually “drive bys”.