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An active theology

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An active theology

Dan at “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine” has written a post about “Real Theology: or what you really believe.”

The post is about the difference between confessed or professed theology versus actual theology. Dan says that you live what you really believe. Thus, your theology is more clearly viewed in your life than in your words (spoken or written).

But, Dan isn’t pointing his finger at you. Nope. He’s turning the tables on himself.

He writes:

I think that is where it really comes down. That is where I struggle in my daily decisions: I don’t always believe that following God is better than not following Him. Why else would I prefer not to obey if, as I say, I believe that His rewards are greater than the rewards of my sinful selfish actions. It is a simple process: I am presented with options, I weigh the outcome of each option, I decide which outcome I would prefer and make my choice. Now, if I really believe, as I state, that the rewards of obedience to God are the greatest possible rewards, then the choice would be simply a matter of asking which option glorifies God, is an act of obedience to God, or fulfills God’s desire for His followers. Sometimes that question is difficult, but many times it is easy, yet I still choose in opposition to it. At that point it is clear that I prefer the outcome of the option that is in opposition to my stated Theology, and at that point my Real Theology is made clear.

I agree with Dan. What you truly believe is evident in the way that you live your life.