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A Question about Publishing

Posted by on Mar 18, 2011 in books, personal | 6 comments

A Question about Publishing

Jeremy at “Till He Comes” recently linked to an Andrew Jones article about epublishing in his post “Convert Blog Posts into eBooks.”

I’ve been thinking about publishing and epublishing lately. I’d love to get my readers’ opinions on this.

Most of my readers know my opinion about elders getting paid a salary because they are elders. You know that I don’t think it can be supported by Scripture.

Is writing/selling a book different?

Also, do you think it’s still important to publish and print hard copy books, or is epublishing (only) becoming an acceptable way to publish?


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  1. 3-18-2011


    Thanks for posting this. I am excited to see what people say.

    It is probably no surprise, but I think that if someone is able to, publishing is a great way to be a “tentmaker” so to speak.

    I think that epublishing (only) is becoming more and more acceptable, though it is not the ideal. I think that ideally, books should be printed on paper. But as the publishing market tightens, I think that publishing houses will only get more strict on which books are allowed to go to print, and one determining factor will be an author’s ebook sales. Therefore, nearly all authors will have to start in the ebook industry first.

  2. 3-18-2011


    Book writing = Tent making.

  3. 3-18-2011

    Jeremy and Aussie John,

    Thanks for your input.


  4. 3-20-2011

    Hi Alan,

    In thinking over your question, I keep returning to one thing: you have a perspective that can be very helpful to the church and you have a non-confrontational style of communication.

    For many, the main purpose of the church gathering is to worship. We talk about people who only get together and interact once a week, calling it “attending church,” and we say: this is so superficial. Perhaps more importantly is the thought that the only time/way we can worship God is once a week through ecstatic song refrains. Both of these notions leave the church largely in diapers forever.

    Gathering together has a core purpose that you need to help the church understand. The same is true for daily worship: good works, kindnesses, sacrifices…

    This isn’t about “taking a salary.” It costs a certain amount of money to publish. If you want to offer the book at cost, or use proceeds to support the work of saints here and abroad, then do that.

    Finally, I’ve heard a few publishing guys say that ebooks and physical books are not mutually exclusive. One guy suggests that free e-books will still find many wanting to purchase a hard copy “as a souvenier” or as a reference work they can mark up or to give to others to share the contents.

    Just remember, I have my order in…

  5. 3-20-2011

    Art……and I am immediately behind you with my order. What is your publication date Alan?

  6. 3-21-2011

    Art and Harper,

    Thanks for the encouragement!