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Praying… beginning with the gospel

Posted by on Feb 21, 2011 in discipleship | 4 comments

Praying… beginning with the gospel

Yesterday morning, we talked about prayer. Actually, this is the third of five church meetings that have been dedicated to teaching /discussing about prayer.

Interestingly, in all the Scripture that was read, we didn’t find anything that said, “Close your eyes and bow your head.”

Anyway, there were alot of questions raised about prayer, and there were not alot of answers. But, it was still a great time discussing and helping one another with prayer.

The best part, to me, is when two or three people tied prayer back to the gospel. But, they didn’t just tie it back to the “death, burial, and resurrection” part of the gospel – and that is a very important part of the gospel. Instead, they tied it back to living the new life as a result of the gospel – walking in light, abiding in Christ, etc. This is all part of the gospel. We now have the Holy Spirit – as a result and part of the gospel – and the presence of the Holy Spirit completely changes what it means to pray.

We talked about praying continuously (without ceasing) and how specific times of prayer must be tied to that continuous life of prayer. We talked about how to pray for people who are going through specific life situations, with brothers and sisters bringing up people in their lives that they don’t know how to pray for.

It was a great time learning about, being challenged about, and practicing prayer.

(I think the coolest thing of all was when an 80-something year old lady said she learned more about prayer in the last three weeks than in all the sermons she’s ever heard.)


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  1. 2-21-2011


    I cannot help but tell this true story:

    Taking a young man with me to visit a family, as I was driving I suggested we spend the time in prayer. Only a few moments had passed and I sensed he was staring at me. Asking him whether everything was alright, he replied, “I was wondering if you drove with your eyes shut when you prayed”.

  2. 2-21-2011

    Aussie John,

    I do occasionally get strange looks when people “peek” while I’m praying and they find that I’m looking at them.


  3. 2-22-2011

    Prayer for me has changed over the years from asking God for stuff to a more passionate cry to God the Father as I communicate to Him in our love relationship. He is so listening to us…how He can hear all of us crying out is amazing.

  4. 2-22-2011


    I’m glad you mentioned “crying out” to God. Another brothers said something about that too. Can you explain how “crying out” to God is different from the way you once prayed?