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Plant a church in his projects?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in missional | 7 comments

Plant a church in his projects?

Yesterday (I think), I heard about a group in Orange County, CA who are planning to start churches among the homeless.

That sounds very exciting to me… go where the need is. Take the church to the people.

Then, today, a friend reminded me of this song by LeCrae called “Beautiful Feet.” Here are part of the lyrics:

Eric used to go to bible study as a kid/ he got older and started doing what the hood did/ a rival gang caught him slippin tried to take his life/ but then the gun jammed up so them beat him nice/ he woke up in the hospital singing bible songs/ praise God he had a place to learn the bible from/ but then he gets saved and wanna preach Christ they make him change his whole culture and whole way of life/ he gotta get him a bachelors wear a suit and tie/ go to seminary/ by then all of his boys will die/ Jesus came to invade culture outta Nazareth and used a couple fisherman who people saw as hazardous/ the feet are beautiful if only they’d go/ if ain’t nobody in hood preaching how will they know?/ Eric is better used taught trues in his context/ somebody please plant a church in his projects.

I think LeCrae and these brothers and sisters in Orange County have a pretty good missiology. What do you think?


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  1. 2-3-2011

    I love that song! I pray to God you’d be burdened to have beautiful feet.

  2. 2-3-2011

    I agree. This was a fantastic post. After reading it today, I got online and found five organizations in my area. I will be calling them tomorrow to see how my family and I might get involved. We’re inviting a few other people to join us too, but we’ll see what happens with that…

  3. 2-3-2011

    One of the ‘groups’ we are involved with – the Wilmington Homeless Ministry – means at a VFW on Sunday mornings for a church gathering and such. It started as a group meeting at the local park known for homeless/poor… but the city council put so much pressure to get the homeless out of the parks that the last 3 gatherings we had there, there were 2 to 5 cop cars waiting for us all – which scared all our friends away. but YES YES YES – the church should GO to the people – where they are. totally believe that! GO to them. Go amongst them in THEIR neighborhood. We have so many mission fields in our own country. We even were looking into a laundromat ministry after speaking with one of our new friends… but haven’t done anything yet… so for now we meet at the VFW and invite others to come and we sort of have adopted families… have an advocacy thing going on where we take others under our wings. bla bla bla. just was letting u know some of what was goin down in WILM! 🙂 have an awesome weekend

  4. 2-3-2011


    Yep. Good song.


    That sounds awesome! I hope you write about it.


    Thank you for going to the homeless!


  5. 2-4-2011

    Alan, thanks for blogging about what we’re trying to do here in Orange County, California to serve and love the poor in our community.

    Right now our little house church is partnering with Saddleback Church(yes, THAT Saddleback Church)to plant an organic disciple-centered church at a motel where many families live.

    We’re also partnering (as you mentioned) with other local social workers (and the Catholic Workers of Orange County) to talk about how to create simple/organic churches among the homeless here. (I’m still waiting to hear their vision for this and I’ve got my own ideas so we’ll have to wait until next Friday’s meeting to see what comes out of this).

    The goal ultimately is NOT to facilitate an “outreach” mentality but to welcome the poor and the homeless into the Church. The book of James is clear that the poor are not to be “out there” but welcome as part of the family of God.

    This is a lifelong journey, not a service project or a place to write a check. It’s about relationship and community with those who are “poor in spirit” but “rich in faith towards God”.

  6. 2-5-2011


    I look forward to reading more about it. We’re also working with a megachurch in our area.


  7. 2-5-2011

    Keith, that’s awesome!! intriguing. Love how God is moving!!! 🙂


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