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Opportunities for the church in Maine

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Opportunities for the church in Maine

Dan from “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine” is now writing for as the Portland, ME Religion and Politics Examiner. (More power to him… I try to stay out of politics and religion as much as possible…) He’s recently written a very good article called “LePage’s budget cuts to refugee welfare open opportunity for the Gospel.”

Dan explains the the governor of Maine is planning to cut welfare support for legal immigrants out of the budget. I love Dan’s response! Instead of calling the government to care for legal immigrants, Dan says the church should step up and care for these refugees and strangers/aliens (that’s what Scripture calls them).

Dan says:

If funding was cut and The Church took on this responsibility and Maine continued to be a welcoming place to refugees what would that say about Christ? What would that say about Christianity? It would speak volumes. It would show in action, not just words, that Christianity is about love, Christ’s love demonstrated at the cross, and his followers love for their God and their neighbors. It may lead to refugees finding hope beyond physical sustenance and safety; they may find eternal hope in the Gospel.

Yes! Great article, Dan! Unfortunately, I’ve found that the church tends to ignore or complain about issues like this.

I’m praying the church in Maine will step up and show the love of Christ to those that the government is refusing to help.

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