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It’s called ‘Status quo’ for a reason…

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It’s called ‘Status quo’ for a reason…

Joel at “The Double Edged Sword” has written a post that has made me stop and think… seriously. The post is called “If I…” Short name… but big post.

He begins by noting that if he stood against the common enemies of American evangelicalism, then he would be heralded a hero.

But, what if he stood against some of the problems without American Christianity in general and evangelicalism in particular?

Joel writes:

But…. if I were to confront the denominational teachings and doctrines of men and challenge Believers to examine how their religious ways just might be in direct opposition to God’s Word, I’m deemed a prideful and arrogant heretic that needs to just shut his mouth.

I find this mysterious fact to be quite interesting. The religious roots of American Christianity run deep my friends. If we’re too close-minded to even ask if we might have some things wrong as Believers (even if it’s our religious Christian/American heritage), we’re treading on dangerous ground. Who will hear what the Spirit is saying to The Church in this hour?

This is a very good question. And, it caused me to wonder… how would I (who do I) react when someone questions my own “Status quo”?

I asked Joel something to that effect in the comments, and I think he gave an excellent answer.

What do you think?