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Isn’t life ministry?

Posted by on Feb 17, 2011 in blog links, discipleship | 4 comments

Isn’t life ministry?

The title of this post comes from an email that Wayne from “Lifestream Blog” posted in his article “The Myth of Full-Time Ministry.”

In the post, Wayne publishes an email that he received from a man who is planning to leave his position as a full-time missionary to Russia in which he was supported by a mission board. Why? To be a full-time missionary.

Doesn’t make sense? Well, maybe this snippet will help:

My wife and I will continue to visit Russia, but as business people, not missionaries. We are now setting up a business there, as an extension of our U.S. coaching business. This group of life and business coaches I work with want to help believers in very corrupt societies, like Russia, become coaches to help develop the character and even spiritual lives of business people there, but doing it through legitimate businesses, not fronts for ministry. After all, isn’t life ministry?

You see, the man is beginning to work as an executive coach, “helping people with their goals, character, relationships and balance in life.” He’s beginning to see how his “business” can be used by God. Thus, he plans to continue working as a full-time missionary in his business.

Yes, life is ministry, if we choose to live it for others instead of for ourselves. And, I believe, most Christians would find that God can and will use your “secular” business to build his kingdom… if you allow him to.

You see, “full-time ministry” is not a myth. The myth is that God only calls some of his children to full-time ministry.


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  1. 2-17-2011


    Yes! “full-time ministry” and full-time worship, the calling of every one who is not only Christian by name, but Christian by new nature!

  2. 2-17-2011

    Aussie John,

    “Full-time worship”… I like that!


  3. 2-19-2011

    I am in a very similar situation as Wayne. I have a few months left in “ministry” so that i can pursue ministry. I realized a few years ago that ministry is a lifestyle, not an occupation. I’m currently pursuing other employment which I’m finding is quite difficult once you have gone to school for ministry. It doesn’t translate well into much else in our culture. I have faith that God will lead me into my next “ministry” soon enough.

  4. 2-19-2011


    Thanks for the comment. I’ve talked to several people who are in your position and decided not to leave “the ministry” because they didn’t know what else they could do. I’m encouraged that you’ve decided to step out anyway. Do you know Eric from “A Pilgrim’s Progress“? He recently left vocational ministry as well.