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Is it all just talk?

Posted by on Feb 8, 2011 in blog links, missional, service | 3 comments

Is it all just talk?

Sometimes, when I write blog posts or comment on other blog posts or even respond to comments on my posts, it seems like it’s all just talk. I wonder, “Are we all just talking to each other, or are the posts and comments actually helping people change?”

Last week, Keith at “subversive1” published his posts called “How to Start a Ministry to the Poor in your Community.” I linked to his articles in my post “Jesus will lead you to ‘the least.’” (Several other people linked to Keith’s articles too.)

In response to the comments on my article, Dan at “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine” wrote a post called “A Conversation on Reaching Out.”

So far, it’s still all just talk. That is, it’s all just talk until you read the comments on Dan’s post. This is what Jeremy and Dan write:


By the way…based on what both Alan and Keith said, I think I may have already found a place to get involved with. It’s a ministry for the children of migrant workers. We are very excited about it, and hope it works out.


Based on that conversation and some stuff I had been thinking about we are going to get involved by providing people with heating oil. That is a major difficulty for families this far north, especially considering it costs over $3 a gallon right now.

I figure that is a good way to apply those principles to our situation, living in the woods in Maine.

This is awesome! It’s not just talk when we actually change what we’re doing!

And, to all of this, I say: To God be the glory! And, I thank him for the opportunities that he’s given me, Keith, Jeremy, Dan, and others to serve people in the name of Jesus. I pray that he continues to give us opportunities and strength and a desire to serve him by serving others, and that he uses our efforts to produce fruit and build his kingdom!


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  1. 2-8-2011

    Alan – thanks for going the extra mile to point out that people are actually putting these things into action in their everyday lives. This is what it’s all about.

    “Now that you know these things you will be blessed if you do them.” – Jesus (John 13:17)

  2. 2-8-2011

    Alan, Yes you are affecting my life. Your posts about leaders being servants. And the idea of looking for servants to follow has definitely expanded my outlook on life. My wife and children might have even seen some positive effects on my actions because it often comes to my mind when I feel like just doing what I want to do.

  3. 2-9-2011


    Thank you for sharing this. I don’t always hear how my writing does (or does not) affect people beyond our words.