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History of Israel Between 539BC and 9 BC

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History of Israel Between 539BC and 9 BC

I love history. It’s true. My wife often makes fun of (well, not in a bad way) my son and me because we will talk history for hours.

There’s another blogger who loves history, and he writes about it! His name is Bill and his blog is “NT/History Blog.” His latest post, which is the prologue of a series that he’s writing, is called “Between the Testaments.”

This post covers the history of Israel/Palestine (primarily) from 529 BC until 9 BC. Bill connects the history of Israel with what was happening in Persia, Greece, and Rome.

It is a fascinating (even enjoyable) read. Even if you don’t normally like history, you should read his post. You’ll find out how Anthony and Cleopatra connect to Scripture.