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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. The article is called “The church forsakes the church sometimes.”

I begin the article with a story about two ladies (sisters) who I met at the food pantry. I haven’t told these sisters’ story on my blog before, so I hope you “enjoy” it.

Here is a brief excerpt:

Not only are these women dealing with the health problems that I mentioned, but their church is in the beginning stages of a split. Almost everyone who is part of the church is drawing up sides and concentrating on the particular issue that is splitting these children of God from one another.

And what about people who are hurting and need help, like these sisters? They are left to hurt alone with no one to help them.

Please use the link above to read the rest of the article.


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  1. 2-22-2011

    It doesn’t take a split for the church to forsake its members. It happens all the time within just normal church operation.

  2. 2-22-2011


    Unfortunately, that’s too true.