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I’ve published another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. The article is called “She wants to live for God every day.”

In this article, I tell a story that happened last night – something that I have not shared on my blog yet. Interestingly, the event occurred after a group of young people started a study of Colossians that was completely independent of my own study.

Here is part of the article:

She talked about several things, but then she began recounting part of the discussion they had about Colossians. She remembered the phrase, “He has delivered us from the domain of darkness and transferred us to the kingdom of his beloved son.”

As we talked briefly about the phrase, she remarked that she was now living in the kingdom of God, but that she didn’t always live as if she were part of God’s kingdom. She said, “I want to live for God every day, not just a few times each week.”

Please use the link above to read the whole article; it is very short.