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Embracing an idea

Posted by on Feb 18, 2011 in blog links, discipleship | 5 comments

Embracing an idea

Ed Stetzer recently published a post called “You Can’t Love a City if You Don’t Know a City, Pt 1.

While the post is primarily about the importance of research (you know, he does research), that’s not really what I want to talk about.

Instead, I want to talk about something he brings up in his first paragraph:

“The city” is an emerging phrase that seems to be embraced by a growing number of Christians. I intentionally say they are embracing the phrase, because I do not think that all are actually embracing the city, but rather they are embracing the idea of embracing the city.

I’ve seen people “embracing the idea” in several aspects of our walk with Christ. Some areas include loving people, caring for those in need, sharing the gospel, making disciples… the list could go on and on.

There are many, many Christians who love the “idea” of these things, but I’m not sure they have actually embraced loving, caring, sharing, or discipling.

What do you think? Is it possible to embrace the idea of something without embracing that thing itself? If so, how do we tell if we (or others) are actually embracing life with Christ, and not just the idea of life with Christ? What do we do if we’re only embracing the idea?


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  1. 2-18-2011

    Yes, it is very easy to embrace an idea but not the reality. It is very easy to embrace the idea of Jesus and His kingdom but very challenging to embrace Jesus in deed by obeying His commands. The deceiver knows this subtle swap so he helps us set up structures to aid us in moving towards embracing ideas and largely ignoring substance. “Many will come in that day saying “Lord, Lord, did not we …. in your name… depart from me I never knew you.”

  2. 2-18-2011

    Yes, I agree, it is easier to embrace an idea and it is also safer. Embracing an idea can easily make us feel good while we never actually step out in faith.

  3. 2-18-2011

    Tim and Chris,

    Yes. But how do we tell if we (or others) are embracing ideas instead of actually living in the kingdom? And, what do we do about it?


  4. 2-19-2011

    An what do we do about it?

    Increasingly upgrading our attention to abiding in Christ and letting His Word abide in us in 24/7 framework (not pew or radio sermon framework). God’s Word was inspired teaching, rebuke, correction and instruction in righteousness so the man of God will be thoroughly equipped for EVERY good work. Simple but hard with these earthly tents.

  5. 2-19-2011


    I agree that Scriptures can be very helpful. But, I think I’ve known people who were in love with Scriptures, but didn’t demonstrate any love for God or others in their lives. Perhaps this could be another example of embracing an idea. What do you think?



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