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Are you flexible?

Posted by on Feb 25, 2011 in blog links, discipleship | Comments Off on Are you flexible?

Are you flexible?

Eric at “A Pilgrim’s Progress” has written (yet another) excellent post. This one is called “House Church – Flexibility.”

The post is a continuation of Eric’s series on house churches (generally), although people who are part of any type of church should think seriously about these topics.

Consider flexibility, for example. Eric writes:

Simply put, the house church can do whatever needs to be done to both edify the body and reach out to the lost. There are no institutional or tradition-based restraints upon this flexibility. The church can and should do whatever needs to be done. If the members see in scripture that they need to believe and/or live differently about a specific issue, change can occur immediately.

We never know what needs are opportunities God will present us with. I’ve been part of churches that were so rigid and bogged down with bureaucracy, that by the time anyone could make a decision, the need or opportunity had passed.

However, when the decision making process is pushed down to each believer, then everyone (and each one) can choose to act on needs or opportunities in whichever way God allows them (or provides resources and gifts, etc).

Are you flexible? Can you change when people or needs or opportunities change? Can you change in time?