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Are they followers?

Posted by on Feb 3, 2011 in discipleship | 3 comments

Are they followers?

According to Scripture, there were times when Jesus spoke to large crowds. We read about Jesus speaking to a large crowd in Matthew 5-7, for example.

But, were these people considered Jesus’ followers?

I don’t think so.

You see, being a follower (disciple) of Jesus required more than listening to him speak. Being a follower of Jesus required doing what he said and what he did. In other words, only those people who lived like Jesus lived where his followers (disciples).

What about today? Who are following you? Are the the people sitting in the audience when you speak or preach followers? Are the people who are reading your books or articles or blog posts your followers?

Or, are you truly only leading those people who are following the example of your life?

Since Jesus said that leaders among the church are those who serve the most, then your followers are those who are following your example and serving others… assuming you are serving others.


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  1. 2-3-2011

    I’m not a pastor so I can’t say anything to that, but I certainly know that Stephanie and I have 3 little followers that, even as young as they are, demonstrate the fact that people are much more likely to follow what you do than they are to follow what you say. It’s scary!


  2. 2-3-2011

    Only peripherally related to your point, but I’ve spent a lot of time pondering John 6:66 – “From this time many of his disciples turned back and no longer followed him.” These folks were called disciples, so they were far from casual listeners. But there came a point where their understanding of the package deepened to the point that they turned away from it.

    So either unbelievers can be disciples, or believers can vary over time in their commitment to follow (even giving up on it altogether).

  3. 2-3-2011


    It’s easy to see it in our children. The same is true for leaders among the church too.


    That is an interesting passages. “Disciples” are shown in both positive and negative light in John.