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Living Sent

Posted by on Jan 14, 2011 in blog links, discipleship, missional | 2 comments

Living Sent

Dave Black pointed us to an old post by Jonathan Grubbs. On his blog, Jonathan answers “An Honest Question about ‘House Church.’

What question? Well, apparently a friend asked him on Twitter, “How does a house church not grow into a “Sunday morning church” so to speak?”

Jonathan explains how he answered that question in 4 “tweets.” Then he adds a few more sentences of explanation. (You can read the entire “answer” in his post.

Then, Jonathan adds this final paragraph:

But, I have also learned that God has commanded us to make disciples as we are going and “living sent” in the world that God put is in. I have learned that God can work through us much better when we are learning to “be the light” in the darkness, instead of only gathering to shine our lights with other lights. I think the key to not growing into a “Sunday morning church” as the original question is asking is for us to be very intentional about being outward focused and multiplying and not inward focused and simply growing in numbers.

As many of my readers know, I am not part of a “house church,” although I would say that we exhibit traits that are often used to describe simple or organic churches.

However, I think Jonathan’s description of “living sent” is important for all of Jesus’ followers to consider. In fact, I really like the idea of “living sent.” What do you think?


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  1. 1-14-2011

    Jonathan’s experience has been ours as well.

  2. 1-17-2011

    Alan, thanks for the link! I can’t take credit for the phrase “live sent”, as I borrowed it from my friend Jason Dukes’ book by the same title, “Live Sent”. Jason currently serves on the pastoral team with Westpoint Church ( in West Orange County here in Central Florida. I read the book first in 2009 and have recommended it to many other since. You can find out more about the book on one of Jason’s blogs here:

    Last April I had the privilege of spending the day with Jason for a “Live Sent” workshop you can find my notes from that day on my blog here: