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Following a guy who actually does stuff

Posted by on Jan 7, 2011 in blog links, discipleship | 2 comments

Following a guy who actually does stuff

Sol at “Looking for Church” asks very good questions and gives an excellent example in his post “Who Was The Leader.”

His post is about leadership. No, not that kind of leadership. Not the kind of leadership in which the person up front or the person at the top tells the others what to do.

Sol wrote about the kind of leadership where someone is serving and others want to follow his example.

He writes:

At lunch today, I experienced a great form of leadership. Leadership isn’t telling others what to do, but doing something, and showing others how to do it, among other things. Those two things are what I am thinking about today, so that is as deep as we’ll go for now.

To the story: My friends and I have been talking, and discussing a lot of things lately, but not really doing much. Well today I got an email; “I have an idea, want to come along?”

My friend and I left work, grabbed a quick lunch, and headed over to an older man’s home, who actually does stuff instead of just talking about it.

Yep. That’s leadership. That’s leading because it’s serving. Anything else (besides serving) is not leading according to Jesus.


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  1. 1-7-2011

    I was looking through your Blogroll to see who you read, and noticed that one of the links goes to a “dating website.” Lovebrokethu. Nice!

  2. 1-7-2011


    That was for my single readers. 🙂

    Seriously, thanks for letting me know.