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I’ve written another article for as the Raleigh Practical Christianity Examiner. The article is called “Raleigh resident plants churches around the world.”

This article is about Tim Bunn. I was introduced to Tim by my friend Art, who often comments here.

It seems that Tim’s desire is to take “church planting” out of the realm of logistics and demographics and methodology and put it back in the hands of the Holy Spirit working through disciples.

Here is part of my article:

For Raleigh resident Tim Bunn, planting churches is not an exercise in logistics or demographic studies. Instead, he says planting churches requires focusing on equipping the local believers with all they will ever need: the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

Please use the link above to jump over to and read the rest of the article.


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  1. 1-31-2011


    Love that statement!

  2. 1-31-2011

    Aussie John,

    Yes, I’ve enjoyed learning about them.


  3. 2-1-2011

    I’m so glad you got to know Tim a little better. Did you meet Sherman, too? If not, I’d like to get you together with him some time.

  4. 2-1-2011


    I did not meet Sherman. And, unfortunately, I only “met” Tim through email. I’d love to get together with y’all sometime. By the way, don’t give up on getting together with me. We have a late anniversary trip this weekend.