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Creative Synchroblog

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Creative Synchroblog

The topic of the February 2011 synchroblog is “Creativity and Christianity.” It is set for February 9, 2011.

During a synchroblog, bloggers from around the world publish posts on the same topic (this time the topic is “Creativity and Christianity”). Typically, the bloggers will also include links to the other posts that are part of the synchroblog. This allows the bloggers and their readers access to other writers who they may not normally read.

While the synchroblog is open to any posts on the topic of “Creativity and Christianity,” here are some questions included on the post above to get the brain waves flowing:

Is there a connection between art/creativity and Christianity? Is creativity spiritual in nature? Is there such a thing as “Christian Art”? Does creativity have anything to do with spiritual formation? What is needed for art to qualify as Christian? Is our theology shaped or influenced by creativity/art? Is creativity/art vital to our faith? How does creativity/art impact Christian thought and/or Christian praxis? Is there a particular form of art that has impacted your spiritual journey? Should there be a distinction between sacred and secular art? Is Christianity experiencing a “creative crisis”? Is creativity and our knowledge of God connected?

I started taking part in the monthly synchroblog 3 1/2 years ago with my post “Here I am to worship.” I’ve always enjoyed writing, reading, and interacting on synchroblog posts. I’ve met many wonderful people through the synchroblog. Many of these people have different backgrounds, perspectives, and cultures than I do. It has been very beneficial to participate in the synchroblogs with them.

So, if you’ve never participating in a synchroblog (and if you have a blog), why not participate this time? You have almost 2 weeks to write your post. It will stretch you, but you will learn something about yourself, others, and God in the process.


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  1. 2-8-2011


    Are you participating in this one?

  2. 2-9-2011


    No, I’m not participating in this one. But, I am going to post the links to the other posts.