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A Plethora of Good Posts

Posted by on Jan 12, 2011 in blog links | 4 comments

A Plethora of Good Posts

Everywhere I looked over the last few days I found some good blog posts. There are some people out there asking good questions and coming up with good answers.

I’m excited that many of these people interact with me on my blog. That’s probably one of the reasons that I read their blogs (or vice-versa).

Anyway, here are a few posts that are definitely worth reading:

James at “Idle musings of a bookseller” with “Thoughts on community care.”

Dan (or Stephanie, actually) at “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine” with “Our DAILY Bread: a guest post.”

Ernest at “Missions Misunderstood” with “Francis Went First.”

Arthur at “The Voice Of One Crying Out In Suburbia” with “Asking Questions is OK.”

With these kinds of posts, it seems that 2011 may be a very good year for blogging about the church.

Have you read any good posts lately that you’d like to share with me and my readers?


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  1. 1-12-2011

    Thanks for the link. I wondered if you would pick it up. I was kinda hoping you would comment on it, though…


  2. 1-12-2011


    I’m not sure what I would say on your post. I agree with you, and often have the same questions…


  3. 1-13-2011

    I saw and read that post about Francis Chan yesterday too. He didn’t, of course, actually go first, but he is one of the first big megachurch pastors to leave. I also like how Ernest pointed out that Driscoll thought Francis was insane. I have never really “clicked” with much of what Driscoll says.

  4. 1-13-2011


    I saw your comment on Ernest’s post. I was also glad to see the other comment which intimated that others are considering following Francis’ example.