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Why would he thank God for that?

Posted by on Dec 3, 2010 in blog links, discipleship, elders, office | Comments Off on Why would he thank God for that?

Why would he thank God for that?

I was very exciting and grateful to read Eric’s (from “A Pilgrim’s Progress“) post called “Thankful for a Little Work.” You see, Eric has been out of work for a few weeks since he resigned from his position as a professional pastor.

(I was glad to hear from Eric personally that he continues to pastor/shepherd people even though he is not employed in the office of a pastor. Perhaps he will write about this eventually… hint hint.)

So, Eric has been looking for work for a few weeks. As everyone knows, this is a difficult economy to be looking for work. But, Eric found work! He says:

I’m happy to say that I now have a little work to do. The Lord has provided some janitorial work for me in the evenings at a local daycare facility. Basically I sweep and mop a cafeteria, kitchen, hallway, and bathrooms for 3.5 hours per night. It is nothing special by the world’s standards, but it is real work. The pay is not much (certainly not enough to support a family), but it is something that will help.

Wait… Eric is HAPPY for a part-time job as a janitor? And, he thanks God for PROVIDING this job for him?

Yes. And, I thank God for Eric and his example. You may not agree with Eric’s conclusion that paid, professional pastors are not scriptural, but you have to admire the fact that he is living according to his convictions, and not just talking about them.