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Community and Trials

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Community and Trials

My friend Dan (from “The Ekklesia in Southern Maine“) and his wife Stephanie are going through some very difficult circumstances. They have both written about this, and the posts are extremely honest, open, and encouraging.

For example, Dan wrote a post called “Thank You” explaining how this struggle helped him understand his own desire and need for community. Dan honestly writes:

As time passed and things started to work out I was really convicted about the way I had shutdown from everyone outside of our home during this time. I thought a lot about how in reality, despite all my big talk and big theology the truth is that when it mattered I didn’t want community, I wanted to be left alone. Those thoughts and struggles got me feeling pretty hypocritical about everything I had been writing so I stopped writing and haven’t even looked at my blog in over a month.

If we’re honest with ourselves, we can all join Dan in admitting that we are hypocritical at times. It is difficult to allow people into our lives when our lives are in a mess.

Meanwhile, Stephanie has also written two very powerful posts on Dan’s blog: “October 20th: a guest post” and “The Aftermath: a guest post.” Stephanie is also very open and honest about her struggles and about the particular incident that is the basis of the current trial.

I’m not going to quote from either of Stephanie’s posts, but I encourage you to read them both (and share them with people who may have similar struggles).

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