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Washington DC and Blogging

Posted by on Nov 6, 2010 in personal | 2 comments

Washington DC and Blogging

As many of you know, my family and I are in Washington DC with some friends. We’ll be heading home tomorrow – Sunday. But, there’s another connection between Washington DC and my blog that many of you probably don’t know.

I started blogging in March 2006 (March 21, 2006, to be exact). But, over the next few months, I did not publish posts regularly. Between March 21, 2006 and November 17, 2006, I only posts 86 blog posts. That means I published a blog post about every 3 days.

But, in November 2006 (almost exactly four years ago), I attended the annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society meeting in Washington DC. At the sessions in the annual meeting, I found alot of “blogfodder” to write about. Since that time, I’ve only missed publishing a blog post on a few days, and I normally publish more than one post per day.

I don’t know that I will always be able to keep blogging like this. But, for now, I plan to continue. I appreciate everyone who has read and who continues to read my blog. I also appreciate everyone who chooses to interact through the comments here. You all make blogging worthwhile.

(By the way, the picture attached to this post has nothing to do with this post. It was a profile picture that I used on this blog for a long time.)


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  1. 12-28-2010

    How do you find the time to blog so often? With work and family, I’m pressed to get out 2-3 per week.

  2. 12-28-2010


    I guess the easiest answer is that I write fast. Otherwise, I don’t know.