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Scripture Interpretation Commandments

Posted by on Nov 16, 2010 in blog links, scripture | Comments Off on Scripture Interpretation Commandments

Scripture Interpretation Commandments

Skye at “Out of Ur” has posted his “10 Commandments of Scripture Interpretation.” For the most part, I think his list and his explanations are right on target. Jump over and read through all 10. It’s a fairly short read.

I especially think we need to remember his first “commandment”: “I. You shall not make for yourself an idol out of Scripture.” Scripture is important… very important. But, Scripture is not God, and I’ve known some people who have turned Scripture into an idol, sometimes almost worshiping the physical book itself (or perhaps a particular translation?). (But now I see that several commenters are concerned about this “commandment.”)

Here are a few others that I think are very important:

III. You shall remember the metanarrative and keep it wholly.

V. You shall not neglect the context.

VI. You shall not ask questions the text does not want to answer.

hmmm… yep… that last one (VI.) gets us into all kinds of trouble, doesn’t it?

So, what do you think of Skye’s list? Any you disagree with? Any “commandments” you think we should add?