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Feeding People

Posted by on Nov 20, 2010 in love, missional, service | 1 comment

Feeding People

A few months ago, we met a couple who organize a food pantry with the help of one of the large churches in our area. This week, we had an opportunity to help as they provided food for over 300 families. They do this every other week.

They are well-organized, with bags of groceries and other items waiting for the people. The people are called one family at a time, and a team of 2-3 people carry their groceries to their car. They get a very personal touch, and the teams are encouraged to talk with the families and pray with them. My family made up two teams who helped walk with people and take their groceries to their vehicles.

While they are waiting for their turn to get groceries, the people wait in a large room. For part of the time we were there, I was asked to roam through the room, talking with and praying with people that I met. I “roamed” in this manner for just over an hour.

During that time, I met, talked with, listened to, and prayed with from 25-30 people… maybe more… I didn’t count. But, easily, there were ten times that many people there that I did not have time to talk to.

I think my new friends have a great ministry and a great opportunity to impact people’s lives with food (physical and spiritual). I’m hoping to enlist some of my friends to come back next time and “roam” through the crowds with me.

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  1. 11-20-2010


    This sounds absolutely delicious. I’m jealous of all the joy you’re having.

    … A godly jealousy of course.

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂