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Feast or Fast

Posted by on Nov 22, 2010 in personal | 1 comment

Feast or Fast

Last Sunday, toward the end of our time meeting together as the church, while we were finishing our shared meal, we began talking about our Thanksgiving plans.

Some are traveling; some are staying home. Some are having Thanksgiving Dinner alone or with their immediate family; some are sharing the meal with friends or family.

One young lady shared with us that she is doing something different this Thanksgiving. She said that God has provider for us tremendously this last year, so she’s decided to fast, pray, and read Scripture all day Thursday.

We shared our plans with one another, and encouraged one another in those plans.

Our family is sharing Thanksgiving Dinner with another family. We invited a few other people, too (mainly people who are going to be alone on Thanksgiving), and we’re waiting to hear back from them.

Whether we feast or fast, our goal is to do everything to honor God. What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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  1. 11-22-2010

    We feasted with our church on Sunday, and we’re going to my sister-in-law’s for the weekend.