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Why is every church not like this?

Posted by on Oct 21, 2010 in blog links, community, fellowship, gathering | 2 comments

Why is every church not like this?

Frank at “Reimagining Church” has posted a letter from someone who recently spent a week with an organic church. His post is called “Visiting an Organic Church: A Firsthand Report.” At one point, the “visitor” says:

These brothers and sisters really do share their lives together. They’re family. Rather than just seeing each other once a week, they’re intimately involved in one another’s lives throughout the whole week. There wasn’t a day that I didn’t fellowship with some of the brothers and sisters (even outside of the two brothers I was staying with). And one of the coolest things is that they already feel like family to me … like I’ve known them for years and years. I felt so welcome…the Lord’s hospitality there was powerful. Everyone’s lives were a great blessing and encouragement to me. While I was there, the Lord impressed upon me that I would become like a child again with these people and re-learn Him in a new way.

All church are (and should be, I think) different, because the people involved are different. So, there will be differences in the way that they meet together. However, some things should be consistent. Things like what the person describes above.

We should be sharing our lives together daily. We should be caring for one another and serving our community together. We should look like and act like a family.

If our church (the brothers and sisters that God has placed in our lives) do not look like this, then something is wrong… which means that something needs to change. That something must begin with you and me.


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  1. 10-21-2010


    It’s interesting though, how there are people who don’t want this kind of community. We’ve had a few leave our fellowship as we’ve begun to move toward being more involved in each other’s lives. We’re learning that we have to reorganize our priorities to live life together.

  2. 10-22-2010


    You’re right. Everyone is not ready to share their lives with others.