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When it affects my finances

Posted by on Oct 4, 2010 in blog links, discipleship | 3 comments

When it affects my finances

I’m encouraged (and often challenged) when believers interpret Scripture in a way that affects their own finances. (I mean, its easy to interpret Scripture in a way that affects others people.) I’m even more encouraged when they then acts on that interpretation.

I’ve linked a couple of times to Eric’s decision to resign from professional pastoring. (See his posts at “A Pilgrim’s Progress.”) Now, a missionary is examining Scripture and questioning a common practice that will also affect his own finances.

Guy at “The M Blog” says “Kingdom Giving trumps Storehouse Tithing.” Now, Guy is a missionary paid from tithes given by SBC churches to the International Mission Board. If people stopped tithing to their local church, Guy knows that he would be affected, but he says that there are more important considerations:

But if everyone practiced kingdom giving, the argument goes that our churches and programs would crumble overnight. The economic system of financing church-as-we-know-it would collapse. Would this be a bad thing? Undoubtedly things would be terribly chaotic for many of us, especially for those of us like myself who depend upon storehouse tithing/giving to pay our bills and buy our food. But I am convinced that after the dust settles from such a 9.0 magnitude earthquake by this transfer of assets from the storehouse to the kingdom, there would be a dramatic surge forward towards the fulfillment of Kingdom purposes in all spheres of life and giant steps forward in making Christ known amongst the nations.

Very encouraging… and challenging. Guy is willing to take a financial hit if it benefits the kingdom of God.


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  1. 10-4-2010

    One of the brothers in our assembly brought a teaching recently related to this. It centered upon Elijah at the brook called Cherith (1 Kings 17). He had told Ahab as the Lord liveth that it would not rain except by his word. Now, Elijah was provided water at the brook and fed bread by the ravens. But then the brook dried up because of the drought. Was he willing to ask for rain to help himself, or keep trusting in God now that the lack of rain was costing him too in order to bring repentance to the land?

  2. 10-5-2010

    I see the day rapidly approaching where we many not have much choice in the matter. Seems the Lord is moving his church in this general direction, but it will be awfully messy. What I see here is that most pew-sitting believers would agree with what I write, but it is those who are in leadership who feel very threatened and panicky by such talk. Therefore, anytime this subject comes up they are quick to shut it down with a of theological jargon that even confuses me!

  3. 10-5-2010


    I know exactly what Guy is writing about.

    They have good reason for the confusing theological jargon. I mean, it would affect a whole, flourishing sector of our economy, if it caught on.