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Upcoming Series on Church Polity

Posted by on Oct 8, 2010 in office | 3 comments

Upcoming Series on Church Polity

I’m working on a series on church polity. It may be ready to being publishing next week. Maybe.

When I first started studying ecclesiology, I found that most books and articles primarily wanted to talk about church polity. This was strange to me, since I saw so little in Scripture about the problems that church polity attempts to answer. But, maybe I missed something.

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “church polity”? What are some different options of church polity that you’ve experienced? What are you views of church polity?


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  1. 10-8-2010


    Hmmm? “Church Polity?” Seems simple enough to me.

    There is “ONE” head, “ONE” master

    {{{{{{ Jesus }}}}}}


    and everyone else

    His ekklesia

  2. 10-8-2010

    When I hear “church polity,” I think of church politics.

  3. 10-10-2010

    Every Church “polity” I have read has gone leaps and bounds in the direction of systematizing the silence of Scripture on every topic under the sun.